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Online Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

If you would like to start online casino playing in Canada, you may ask questions on the best methods to fund and cash out from your account. There are different deposit and withdrawal options provided by various online casinos.

This article will focus on some of the most commonly used payment methods. Below is a list of payment methods that are worth checking out.

Debit and Credit Cards

These cards are popular for online casino payments in Canada. That is because every person of the gambling age has at least one card. Check out the commonly used cards.


Visa is standard in almost every online casino because of its quick and affordable deposits and withdrawals. The payment procedures are comfortable as you only need to enter your card number, select the game, and start playing instantly.

A Visa card can get used in deposits of as low as $25 that gets processed fast. You can activate the best bonuses in different casinos by paying through your visa card. The only downside is that withdrawals can take a little more time to get processed.

• MasterCard

You will be able to pay or withdraw from any casino in Canada if you have a Mastercard. It is one of the easiest and secure ways to fund and cash out from your account. Besides, you will find this payment method available in every casino.

There are no hidden charges when using your Mastercard to deposit or withdraw from a casino. Besides, paying using this card is convenient as the casino gets notified of the transaction immediately, and you can start playing. It even becomes more convenient as it stores your number for future deposits and withdrawals.

• Maestro

Maestro delivers among the swiftest and reliable payment methods around the world. Mastercard owns it, and it has seen immense growth in the online casino industry. Owning a maestro card is also easy as most banks provide the sign-up service.

You will love Maestro debit cards because they do not have any extra charges during payments. Customers paying through Maestro can also qualify for bonuses or promotions on various casinos. Another thing you will love is how secure it is to make transactions using a Maestro card.

They have sophisticated fraud prevention methods and a 24/7 customer support team. With these, customers can report any suspicious activity on their accounts. Maestro, like other cards, processes withdrawals slower.

E-Wallets and Prepaid Cards

E-wallets are famous for their convenience, and a good example is how quick withdrawals get processed through them. Although you need to link your e-wallet account to a card, it is a one-time process. Let us look at some of the e-wallet options you can consider.

• PayPal

Both payments and deposits on PayPal are instant, which is why this payment method has become so popular among casino players. Besides, most players find it more secure than many other payment methods. PayPal monitors every activity taking place in individual accounts to prevent fraud.

It has also become popular in Canada because of the diverse transactions it can get used for in online casinos. You can use the withdrawals to pay for goods and services directly from your PayPal account. The only limitation to using PayPal in Canada is that some casinos have not yet adopted it. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm that a casino provides this method before using it.

• Neteller

Neteller is famous for Canadian players as it has the best security procedures making it safe for its users. Besides, it gives players the freedom to link it to all their cards, making payments easy. Another primary reason why this method is popular is that a host of casinos use it.

One of the best reasons to choose Neteller is its wide availability. There are currently over 200 countries where this payment method is licensed to work. Therefore, you can use it in Canada or anytime you travel to the rest of the world.

Different withdrawal charges depending on the card providers are the only limitation to using Neteller. They lack uniform transaction charges, but you can check out what they charge for their website’s various cards.

• Paysafecard

Using a Paysafecard to make casino payments in Canada is both secure and reliable. These cards are readily available at different outlets in Canada. You only need to pay the required fee and receive your card ready to transact. It has an application that you can download for easy transacting.

Another primary reason to use this card is that you get many bonuses and offers from it. You can qualify for welcome bonuses, free spins, or even free bets depending on the casino. A Paysafecard allows you to monitor your transactions and control your finances. Both deposits and withdrawals are convenient with this card, and you get to receive your money instantly.

• Skrill

Transacting with Skrill is a simple process, so long as you have a bank account. Canadian casino players find it convenient because almost every casino they would like to play has this payment method. That means depositing and withdrawing is more effortless, mostly if you play on multiple online casinos.

If you need a quick payment processor, then Skrill is the best choice for you. It only takes a few seconds to start playing after you deposit your money with this method. One of the significant drawbacks of using this method to transact is that you will have to pay transaction charges for International payments.

Crypto casino payments

Cryptocurrency payment methods are slowly replacing traditional payment methods for casinos. One of the primary reasons why they are growing in popularity is because of their security. Besides, they offer customers privacy in their transactions and also guarantee instant deposits and payouts.

• Bitcoin

Bitcoin has grown in popularity in various industries, but it is now getting into the online gambling industry in Canada. There are several benefits you can get from signing up at a casino that uses this payment method. For instance, players using Bitcoin can get free spins or sometimes earn free Satoshi after transacting.

One of the reasons why it is becoming popular is how safe it has grown to become. You can transact anonymously and in the most convenient ways. Besides, people are adopting this payment method because it is internationally accepted. You can pay for anything in Canada or elsewhere with withdrawals in your Bitcoin wallet.

As the casino you would like to play at, the deposit process is easy to take you through every procedure. Besides, withdrawals are also simple, you will only have to verify the transaction through text message or a QR scan, and you will receive your money. Casinos that use Bitcoin also have huge bonuses that you can take advantage of to make more winnings.

If you are getting into the Canadian gambling industry, you need to know the market’s best payment methods. That will help you identify the fastest and secure way to transact with your casino. The various techniques we have discussed in this article are reliable for the Canadian market. You only need to check whether your online casino has a specific payment method before signing up for it.