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A Beginner’s Guide to Baccarat

So you’re looking to learn about the legendary game of Baccarat, are you? A very enticing and profitable casino game meant to bring about the right bets, at the right times, for the best jump-off on gains for the beginner and expert alike. Although the expert player is sure to make quite a bit more, you must begin to learn the basics fast, and with this article, you are sure to find the right information on Casino Baccarat. Unlike most casino games that have more chances for the house to take your money, Baccarat is a fifty-fifty chance of win or loss, or player vs. banker. In this article, not only will you be learning the basics, but a few tips on becoming the next up and coming Baccarat expert and play like you should be in no time.

To start, it’s vital to know how the cards play out, and how they dealt. The dealer, will upon the beginning of the game, will burn 3-4 cards, before even dealing out the first hand. It’s important to note that there are 80 hands in a deck to doll out throughout the game, so keep that in mind as you coordinate your strategies. The cards, two through seven, are regular cards and are equal as such. The ten, jack, queen, and king, equivocate to zero, so in all regards, it’s null and void. The Eight and Nine are what as known as a natural eight, or natural nice, respectively. The Nine is the best care you can have in any single hand, granted a face card is there to keep it from going over nine.

Now, this is where Baccarat can become a bit tricky, and must be followed closely, to give you an understanding of the game. Let’s take, for example, two hands that will be shown below to give you a proper take on what is expected to see.

Example 1

The player is dealt two cards to the left of his vision, given it is a miniature Baccarat table, or in general, the player’s cards will be dealt from left to right on a full table. The cards are a two of hearts and a six of diamonds, equaling a natural eight, or one of the winning hands of the game, just behind a natural nine. The dealer then produces two more cards, from left to right, turning them over to reveal a seven of spades and a two of diamonds, equaling a nine. Now, if the nine were not dealt, then you would have had a winning natural eight, but the dealer pulled a natural nine, therefore winning the hand. You have lost the bet. Here’s the mathematical equation in case it doesn’t make sense, found below:

Player: 2 + 6 = Natural 8

Dealer: 7 + 2 = Natural 9

Dealer wins the hand. Natural 9 beats Natural 8.

Example 2

Now, here is another example wherein it can get a bit tricky, yet still offering you a chance to see the fast-moving game of Baccarat in a way that brings some form of simplicity to the equation. The dealer places two cards, from left to right, to the player and it comes to a four of hearts and a king of spades. The player now has an amount of four, the king equaling zero, and still needs another card that will be produced after the dealer lays his that may or may not equal over the amount of eight or nine. The dealer then produces his cards, a seven of clubs and an eight of diamonds, equaling to fifteen normally. In the game of Baccarat, however, you would remove any number over nine, therefore the dealer went over the amount of nine. The player is now dealt another card, a four of spades, equaling a natural eight. The player then wins, however, the betting system even if you are the player, and had bet on the dealer, you would have lost your bet which will be talked about in a moment. Here is the mathematical equation behind this example, found below:

Player: 4 + King(0) + 4 = Natural 8

Dealer: 7 + 8 = Over the Natural 9 is Loss.

After seeing these examples, it is easy to see just how simple the game of Baccarat is, but then the part on betting comes into play, which isn’t hard, but it can be tricky as well. There is a One to One ratio or a fifty per cent chance of win and loss. There are three bets to be had: Player, Dealer, or Tie. If you’re the player, yet bet on the dealer’s hand and you win the hand, the dealer still takes your money, because you did not bet on your own. This can be vice versa as well, although there is the tie bet as well, which most casinos offer an eight to one or nine to one bet depending on what casino you visit, which is a very rare bet to come on with. It’s best, for a beginner and just starting, to play your bets as either player or dealer the entirety of the game, because out of eighty hands, you have a strong chance of getting the win fifty per cent of the time. It’s a safe bet, but it’s worth it for small gains and long sits at the table for an overall fun game.

Baccarat in and of itself is a very easy and simple game to master, and with the right tactics coming into it, could become very profitable. There are also side bets such as dragon and ox which can offer big gains but once again, to be safe it’s sometimes best to stay out of the side bets. It’s noteworthy to say that one doesn’t want to underachieve his or her chances at winning when there is already a fifty per cent chance. If you would like to go extreme, then there is always the Martingale betting process, but that is an entirely different system in and of itself. Baccarat is a great game to learn, coming in just under Blackjack and Texas Hold-em, making it an extravagant, yet less daring game to enjoy by yourself or with up to fourteen players beside you. No one can bet to mess up your hand, so it’s only you and the dealer, granted you pick no side bets that increase your gains and decrease your chances of winning in the process. Will you be the next Baccarat expert, and wow your friends at the table? If you read this to its entirety, then you are already well on your way. May luck be on your side, and with the right betting system, you will go far in the gambling world.