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Five memorable Las Vegas casino heists

Las Vegas casino

Las Vegas is a casino city and where there is a casino, the money keeps stacking up. The house transacts and deals millions of Dollars in a day. Apart from its bustling lights and elegant appearance, the house has to deal with a lot of complications to secure the interests of the customers and itself. The heists are rare in a casino and gone are the days when robbers marched inside the business establishments and stole money at the muzzle of their gun. Today, casinos take extra care in securing their premises and high-end security with technological advancements makes Casinos, secure equivalent to your bank. It’s impossible to rob a Casino these days, CCTV’s, high-end security, secure payouts, and extra security is what every casino brands on. People need their money to be safe, and if they just got a moneybag, it would be heartbreaking if someone stole it. Most of the Casinos spend time and effort in providing training and gears to its staff in case of an emergency and unlike the old days, security is much more friendly and efficient, making disappear all of the worries regarding an untoward incident. The pas events will remain to be history and new incidents like these are unlikely to happen again.


Bellagio robbery of 2010:

The robbery refers to December 15, when a motorcyclist robbed the house of $1.5 million chips. The person was arrested in August 2011 and awarded a sentence of 9 years in prison. Anthony Carleo was also made to pay $18,945 which he had stolen from a nearby Suncoast cashier. The chips that couldn’t be recovered went soon out of value because the Casino house stopped using them.

The circus theft:

The heist was pulled off by Roberto Solis and his girlfriend Heather Tallchief stealing $2.5 Million in 1993 from Circus Casino, Las Vegas. The lady was employed as a driver by Loomis when she drove off with the truck loaded with cash for the casino. The couple had reportedly fled to the Netherlands and remained out of reach for about 12 years until Heather surrendered to the police. She claimed that Roberto didn’t pay him any money. Roberto remains untraced till now.


Las Vegas- Soboba Casino:

In 2007, Soboba Casino in Las Vegas was robbed of whopping $1.5 million by an employee Rolando L. Ramos along with his accomplice Eric Alan Aguilera. Ramos’ job was to set up the security cameras in the casino, the job that acted as instrumental in disabling the security during the robbery. However, Ramos was arrested by police soon and Augileria after few days with $500,000 inside her flat.


Australia – Crown casino:

In 2013, two casino employees tried to pull off a heist of $32million. The idea was to feed the information to the high roller and take the money, but as soon as the robbery was discovered, the game was ceased and employees suspended. The high-roller was let go.

London Ritz Casino:

This was probably the most high-tech heist the casino world ever saw. The trio – two men and women – used a cellphone, a laser, and computer to pull off a hefty amount of $1.9 million on a Roulette table in 2004 in London Ritz casino. The group was able to detect the speed and orbit of the ball and its possible outcome. They succeeded in making the most accurate bets on where the ball would land. The trio was arrested but later let off after a Judge concluded they hadn’t committed a crime. They were allowed to keep the winnings but banned from every casino in London.



A casino is a safe place and almost as safe as your bank. The heists are rare and don’t happen often. However, there have been various instances like these that have irked the casino owners and forced them to make more advancements towards their security. After all, they deal with money and money attracts people. Casino games in Las Vegas are not just fun but also most secure if you talk about hand-outs and payouts. The rare incidents shouldn’t discourage you from stepping in a casino, you might miss out on the best experience of a lifetime.