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The 7 Most Popular Casino Games in Las Vegas

Bustling with its lights, amazing food, flashing streets and top-class restaurants, Las Vegas has it all. Whether, you’re willing to gamble in a nice casino or you want some time away from your work, or want to enjoy nice food, Vegas is your destination. Not only that, it offers you a glimpse of the world in a beautiful city. No other city of the world can match up to the elegance of Las Vegas. It’s also the favorite spot of the gambling crowd. There are so many casinos that it would take a lifetime just to decide which one to get in and who wouldn’t dream of hitting a jackpot. You don’t want to go back home empty-handed if you’ve come to vegas, you got to take back a few things from the city and leave your heart in the city.



Who doesn’t know about Blackjack? It remains to be the top choice of card players. You can find this game being played on any table due to its wide popularity and low house edge. The 21 is must when you hit a Casino in vegas but anyways if you went to Vegas, why wouldn’t you hit a Casino anyway. There may be variations in different games but that’s what makes it more beautiful, after all, you’re in Vegas, expect something ridiculously different, and elegant. And when it comes to 21, no one can steal its place.

Slot machines:

Slots are easy and fun. You have to spin. No more need for calculations and thinking. If you’re playing for a progressive jackpot, your maximized number of spins can increase your chances of winning and Las Vegas is full of different slot machines which not only provide an enhanced experience but also can hit you back with a jackpot.

Pai Gow poker:

It’s a combination of the poker hand and Chinese Pai Gow Poker. The rules to play are simple. You don’t play against other players but the house. You are dealt with seven cards and you need to form your best 2 card poker in one hand and 5-card poker in another. The 5-card poker should be higher than your 2-card. Both of your hands should beat that of dealers. Just in case, your one hand beats the dealer’s hands, it’s considered a draw or both of you are equal, the dealer gets the upper hand and wins.


This is one of the easiest games to have ever existed. All you need to presume is that where the ball will launch after the dealer spins the wheel. The bet is placed before spinning the wheel if the ball lands on your number, you won. It’s that simple and a game little or no calculations.


If lotto is your jam, Keno will be your favorite. You are required to pick a Keno card which has numbers 1-80 on it. Depending on the type of card, you’re allowed to mark 10-20 numbers on it and place your bet that can be as low as $2. Then you have to give your card to the Keno worker against a receipt. Then the automatic Keno machine will select random numbers, and if your numbers match with that of the machine you won. Submit your ticket and take it home.



Las Vegas is a bustling place with a huge option for recreational activities. From nice food and elegant restaurant, its skyrocketing casinos and fancy slot machines, are just small strands of a bigger package. Often known as the sin city, its reputation in the casino business is exposed to all, not just the high-end poker games but also slot machines that hit millions in the jackpot. Casino games in Las Vegas are akin to breathing and you can’t resist but at least snuck into a casino out of curiosity. Whether you’re a beginner or you are out for business, the house has its charm to attract you. Not only can you play, but the elegance of the house can make you enjoy royalty in its purest form. It’s these standards and qualities that make Vegas a destination for the gambling and card-playing crowd across the world.